Why Should You Work with a Tax Preparation Professional in 2017?

The new year is quickly approaching, which means that soon your focus will likely be on filing your 2016 taxes. And if you own your own business, you may also be thinking about other services you might require to ensure that the company’s finances are healthy and handled properly.

If you haven’t worked with a tax preparation professional before, consider making this the year you do so. Working with an expert who is well versed in this area will give you peace of mind and ensure you will receive financial advice that will help you both now and down the road. The professional you work with will have received extensive training related to tax laws and will be familiar with the most current tax regulations, which change from year to year.

Here are some tasks a professional can assist with regarding tax preparation in Des Moines, IA:

  • Tax preparation services: A tax preparation professional can perform the tasks to complete your taxes and get them filed, which saves you both time and peace of mind. Hiring an expert to perform this task can be even more beneficial if you’re a business owner.
  • Ongoing tax-related advice: While a tax preparation professional can certainly work with you to file your taxes, you can also benefit from expert advice throughout the year about how to minimize your tax burden. This is another service that can be especially valuable if you own your own business.
  • Assistance with auditing: If you happen to receive a letter from the IRS notifying you that you will be audited, a tax preparation professional can work with you to pull together the resources and information you will need to provide. Many financial service professionals are IRS-regulated tax professionals and can provide you with representation in the event of an audit.

In addition, an accounting and tax professional can offer valuable guidance and assistance on topics beyond your taxes. Here are a couple of other services that may be useful.

  • Elder financial care: Do you have a parent or other older relative who requires elder care? Perhaps you’re anticipating that this will become the case in the new year. An expert will work with you to manage the everyday finances of the older adult in your life and can also help your parent or other relative plan for and manage their retirement, investment portfolio and other financial responsibilities that may be more difficult for them to focus on as they grow older.
  • College financial planning: The cost of a higher education continues to grow, but an accounting and tax professional can work with you on a plan that will allow you to begin saving early for your child’s future. You’ll be able to see the results both now and over time.

If you’re ready to work with a professional for tax preparation in Des Moines, IA to aid in tax planning, preparing your taxes and providing other needed expertise, contact Accounting & Tax Professionals, PLC. We offer the resources to assist individuals and families with a variety of critical financial and tax-related matters and have the experience to ensure you are satisfied with the service you receive. Call us today!

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