Why Hire a Tax Service in Des Moines, IA for Help This Coming Tax Season?

April 15 will be here before we know it, and for millions of Americans, that means it is time to decide whether they will attempt to tackle taxes themselves or turn to a trusted professional for assistance. While many people do successfully file their own taxes each year, your odds of getting a high return, staying above board legally and generally having a stress-free tax experience certainly go up when you enlist the help of a tax service in Des Moines, IA. Here is a closer look at what you stand to gain from hiring a professional for filing assistance this tax season:

  • Find all your deductions: Few things are worse than paying more than you need to, whether you are picking up groceries or filing your annual taxes. An experienced accountant will look into all your property, student loan payments, medical expenses, charitable donations and work expenses to ensure that every deduction is found and accounted for.
  • Maximize your return: Naturally it follows that once you find all your appropriate deductions, you will be able to maximize your tax return or, at the very least, keep what you owe to a minimum. Once that return shows up in your bank account, treat yourself to a weekend trip, shopping spree or something nice for your family.
  • Stay above board: Even the most straightforward of tax filings still come with enough caveats and convoluted steps to make even the smartest of taxpayers’ heads hurt. And if you file incorrectly, you don’t just risk a lower return—you also risk getting into legal trouble with the IRS and having to pay steep penalties. Keep this risk at bay by trusting your taxes to a professional.
  • Account for life changes: If you took a new job, changed your marital status, made a lot in the stock market or received an inheritance this year, your taxes will need to reflect these major financial shifts. If this is uncharted territory for you, hire a tax service in Des Moines, IA for assistance.
  • Meet the deadline: This one is pretty simple, but given the busy schedules and sometimes-unpredictable nature of your everyday life, isn’t it at least a possibility that your procrastination could lead to you missing the April 15 deadline? Fortunately, when you trust a professional, they will always help keep you on track.
  • Peace of mind: Finally, the fear of financial instability or legal trouble is enough to keep anyone awake for hours every night. By making a small investment in an experienced and trustworthy tax service, you will reap the rewards of easy sleep, lowered stress and sound peace of mind. Chances are, those are worth more to you than any tax return.

Tax season is quickly approaching, so you will not want to put off hiring a reliable and experienced tax service in Des Moines, IA. We hope you will consider trusting the team at Accounting & Tax Professionals, PLC with this important job. Call us today to learn more about how we can help!

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