Why Hire a Payroll Service in Des Moines, IA?

There are still businesses that continue to complete their payroll process in-house. That decision often leads to shortcomings, including inaccurate paychecks and delays in processing if the business is going through a busy period with its profit-producing ventures. If you find payroll stressful or time consuming, it may be time to outsource it to payroll service in Des Moines, IA. Here is why you should hire Accounting & Tax Professionals, PLC to take care of your payroll for you:

  • Reduce risk: Wage and hour laws change frequently and do not only affect the employees you pay by the hour. There are new laws regarding overtime pay for salaried workers, so offering your employees a salary instead of an hourly wage does not reduce your responsibilities to them. Reporting requirements can be stringent, and if you are off on them, you could pay penalties. Payroll specialists keep updated on changes in the law, and hiring them reduces these risks.
  • Technology and expertise: The Affordable Care Act increased form requirements. While you may not have the experience to fill them out efficiently, payroll specialists are not intimidated by them and can do just that. Since there is already familiarity with the laws and procedures, professionals can complete them in a timely manner as well as keep your business compliant. Also, we have access to software and technology that makes calculating salaries, vacation time, sick pay and overtime much easier for us then it is for you. If you are relying on old Excel spreadsheets to calculate your paychecks or taking hours away from your business to look up the latest overtime regulations, you will likely benefit from the experience and resources of a payroll specialist.
  • Time for your business: Wouldn’t it be nice to focus on that latest contract or transaction on a Friday instead of fretting about getting paychecks out on time? While we are putting together the checks, you are managing the big deals or finishing the needed day-to-day tasks. Not only are you avoiding time wasted on putting together the paychecks, but you no longer need to read every government bulletin on how your payroll rules have changed. You will need to pay for our services, but you will have additional time to increase your earnings. That is how professional services pay for themselves.
  • Happier employees: Payroll service professionals produce accurate paychecks each time. We will also have access to resources like direct deposit that will help employees get access to their money quicker. They will not have to deposit their check into the bank or worry about being shorted on their check. We can set up the systems to report hours, sick time and vacation time and produce checks from that data. The new payment efficiency for employees will maintain high morale and encourage work ethic that will also benefit your business.

Accounting & Tax Professionals, PLC offers payroll service in Des Moines, IA. Call us today to schedule a consultation and see how we can make payroll easier for you.

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