The Importance of Professional Financial Services in Des Moines, IA for Individuals

When it comes to life, the only true guarantee is that things will not always go according to our best-laid plans—and our finances are no exception to this rule. Despite your best intentions to get your finances all in the right condition at the right time, it can be overwhelming when it comes to preparing for retirement, investing wisely and making sure your family is prepared for anything life has waiting in the wings. By consulting a professional for financial services in Des Moines, IA, you can better prepare yourself for all of life’s unknowns.


The statistics are shocking: a majority of Americans are not financially prepared to retire. Throughout our careers we focus on paying bills and making the most of each paycheck, but setting money aside is always harder than it seems. Many of us believe we will be able to make up for ignoring our retirement accounts until “later.” This thinking, while easily rationalized at the time, can possibly lead to a considerable shortfall when the time comes.

Truth be told, few people are prepared to maintain their working lifestyle after they leave work. A financial professional can walk you through your options to help you decide what fits your lifestyle best, as well as help you get you set up with the appropriate financial services in Des Moines, IA, whether you choose a Roth IRA or simple savings account.


Are you covered for life’s curveballs? Insurance is how we can prepare for the unexpected events in life. For too many people, finding insurance that won’t break the bank winds up being the highest priority. But is the insurance you’re paying for actually going to help you if put to the test?

Some homeowners’ policies don’t cover specific events or disasters. For example, let’s say a nearby levee overflows during a storm. With the wrong policy, your home may not be covered. While shopping for insurance may not be the most fun, it’s is a very important part of protecting your family’s financial and physical wellbeing. A knowledgeable financial partner can help you outline your priorities and find policies that fit your budget.


Regardless of your end goals, making the most out of your money is the whole idea behind investment. Simply jumping into any investments without establishing your exposure to risks or outlining your ultimate goals can mean a substantial loss of your hard-earned capital. For those investing for a more prosperous financial future at a lower risk, moderate interest funds may be the way to go. For the more financially adventurous, a high-risk fund plan could be more ideal. Your financial team can help you to determine which route may be right for you and your family.

For expert financial services in Des Moines IA, contact the team at Accounting and Tax Professionals, PLC. Our dedicated professionals can help you map out your comprehensive financial future, including retirement accounts, insurance policies and your investment portfolio, for the maximum benefit. We can also get you ready for tax season! Call us today to get started.

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