Keep the Local Economy Going Strong: Five Benefits of Shopping Locally

Any company that specializes in small business tax services in Des Moines, IA will tell you that shopping at local businesses does indeed keep the local economy going strong. The local economy is boosted in many ways, from a good percentage of each dollar re-circulating back into the community to small business growth and local job creation.

How do you like to spend your money—at big box stores, or at local small businesses? For a better understanding of the role small businesses play in a community’s economy, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of shopping locally:

  • Stimulates the local economy: Online shopping is easy to do and offers a huge selection of products and items without your having to leave home. But the downside is that you don’t know where the money you just spent will go. When you take your business to locally owned stores, you can feel great knowing that most of the money you spend will stay in the community. Many local businesses purchase things from other local businesses, helping to stimulate the local economy and grow the local tax base.
  • Community improvement: The more money stays local, the stronger the tax base, which will lead to various improvements throughout the community. For instance, public infrastructure like roadways, as well as schools and parks, will have a greater chance of receiving much-needed repairs and updates. Local police departments and firehouses will also get the support they need.
  • Creates jobs in the community: You don’t need to consult a tax service in Des Moines, IA to know that small businesses provide numerous jobs. They are the types of employers who want to create jobs where they live, so people—including your friends, family and neighbors—can find work closer to home. This community-based employment means less commuting, thus less stress on the environment, and leaves more money in the pockets of employees.
  • More money stays in the area: Because local businesses use the money they make to purchase from other small, locally owned businesses, that money has a better chance at finding its way back to you. The money also stays in the area as donations and charity funds raised by businesses and residents in the community.
  • Better customer service: Let’s say you’ve been going to a small shop for years. If you walk into that small business, which might be around the corner from your house, the owner and employees will likely know you by name—unlike big box stores and large business chains. The customer service is better, and the conversations are friendly.

Owning and running a small business requires time, dedication and creativity. The title of “local business owner” also means being a part of your local community, whether as a leader in business or working with others to make the area a great place to live. You work hard, so let us help you! When you need small business tax services in Des Moines, IA, you can count on the team of experts at Accounting & Tax Professionals, PLC—call us today to arrange an appointment!

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