How to Find Reliable Tax Filing Assistance in Des Moines, IA

When you trust a professional to assist with filing your tax return, you want to ensure that they are operating a reliable business. While there are many options available for those seeking tax filing assistance in Des Moines, IA, there are a few easy steps you can take to make certain that you work with an honest, accredited individual or company. The following are simple tips to help you find a reliable tax preparer:

  • Research qualifications: Before you decide to work with a tax preparer, take a moment to research or ask about what makes this individual qualified for the job. Check that the preparer meets the federal regulations that dictate who can and cannot provide tax preparation services to clients. Additionally, ask the preparer if they belong to any professional organizations. Involvement in professional associations helps let you know that the preparer actively seeks new information about his or her work and values being up to date on the latest industry standards.
  • Ask about service fees: A reliable preparer should be able to tell you about their service fees in advance of filing your tax return. Also, you will want to ask the preparer where they deposit any refunds stemming from your return. All tax refunds should be sent directly to a bank account in your name, not to an account set up by the preparer.
  • Check feedback and ratings: Ask people you know and trust if they have any feedback on the preparer in question. Then, take the time to research the preparer’s rating with the Better Business Bureau to make sure the firm does not have complaints filed against it.
  • Inquire about accessibility: What happens if you have a question about your taxes? Ask the preparer what their availability is like leading up to and after your tax return is filed, and about how they navigate client questions. While preparers cannot be accessible all day, every day, they should have a process in place for returning client inquiries in a timely manner.
  • Confirm electronic filing: The IRS requires that all preparers who file more than 10 returns need to file electronically. You may still have the option to file a paper return if you opt out. However, your preparer’s default method of filing taxes should be electronic.
  • Ask about the review process: You have the right to review your tax return in full before it is submitted to the IRS. Ask the preparer if he or she will allow you to review the entire document before finalization. Then, when it comes time to sign your return, carefully look over the document. Even if you trust your preparer, double check the return for any mistakes and ask about any questions you may have.

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